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What have people found to be the best solution for showing team members individual whereabouts in Teams? we would like a calendar view or a who is where board without having to click on individual statuses

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We just use a SharePoint calendar with a tab, however this doesn't work on mobile thou but we use it as a webpart on our attached Team site as well which does work on mobile, so if we are mobile we access the SharePoint site then calendar. Haven't tried just adding a page with the calendar web part to it and using it in Teams. It's not a calendar view but it shows upcoming events you could always add both, but it works fine for our purposes.

@Chris WebbI've done the same thing.  I created a SharePoint page with the "Group calendar" web part on it, then added that page into a (teams) tab.  It will display on mobile IF you have the SharePoint app installed on the same device.


The downside is that you can't add/edit events from this page; it's view-only.

@emmakendrick We use the 'manage members' on the Team - and have each person update their status message as needed. They're going to have to enter it somewhere and for us it's more useful here. Team members just had to hover over each member icon to see the info (but doesn't work well on mobile since you can't hover). But we didn't need a calendar, just a current status worked fine.

We've created that syncs to Office 365. Here you can set and see team members whereabouts i.e Working from home, in the office, travelling, offsite or on holiday. You can then see them on an overall team view or company view.

You can even book hotdesks and sync it all to your Outlook and Teams calendars with no set-up.

Its completely Free for teams up to 10 people and only £1 per user after that.