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my org has the need to disable some team owners their capability to add members to their team, maybe through policies, powershell...

Is there a way to do this?


Thank you in advance!

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Hello, AFAIK it's not possible.
By definition, an owner can manage the teams... and add new members.
However, if you want to prevent this, you could check the audit logs and remove the new members.
What is your use case?

@Thijoubert Hello,

thanks for your help.


Our case is:

We have a highly automated ecosystem based on Automate and Sharepoint. Every team member should be added to the team through an automate flow, which assign some specific permissions depending on our CRM data.


So, when a owner (a teacher in our case) add a member manually, this permissions aren't added to the member. So we'd like to remove add members permissions to some owners.


Thank you!

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Hi @The_Globe_Admin 

If you don't want one of your teacher to add a new member, you should not give him "owner" right :smile:

- If a team is private : only an admin can add a user

- If a team is public : everyone can join or add an admin 

Note that the owner will also be able to nominate a new owner. 


However, if you want to give "owner" role but prevent to add member, I see solutions here: 

- Develop a custom solution to search Unified Audit log for "Add member to group" and roll back / Use a third-party solution to do it 

- Not give "owner" role and do everything (creation of Teams, addition of new members and basic administration) in a third-party tool


Hope this helps

Thank you so much for the tips.

I think that de 1st one option would fit nicely for our case. Develop a custom solution.

Thank you again!