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Is there no way to force personal chat messages to also show under Activity?  The reason this is desirable is because it can be set to "Unread Only" and it stays that way.  If you filter the Chat window by "Unread" it goes away as soon as you switch to something else and come back in.  The chat window is horribly cluttered and is visual overload.  I want to see everything not seen/responded to, and then have it disappear from my field of view.  Unless I go looking for it.  I'm really convinced the answer is no based on the attached screenshot, but if I'm wrong please correct me.  Anyone else have the same desire or know of a workaround?




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@Nathan1978 Hi I understand your frustration. What you could ask is people to @mention you if they do that it will appear in your feed. But since you explained a bit more you can also upvote this item on the feedback portal Please bring in "Unread only" option in chats also similar to notifications. · Community (microsoft....

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