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Hello All,


We are using Teams version (64-bit), and having an issue with search. Searching a keyword brings up all chats where the keyword is used, but clicking in that message only shows that specific message, and not the context of the full conversation. I see this issue was also brought up in July 2019 by @Jason Drew but not sure if it was ever fixed. 


I have attached a screenshot.


I have tried uninstalling Teams, as well as clearing the cache but the issue remains the same. 


Any help or direction would be great

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@justinb01Hi JustinB, this should work normally as it is working fine now, I just did a search and find a persistent conversation if that is a single chat, find a group chat conversation, and also did a search for another post which was done in a channel for the channel though it only shows the specific message but if you expense it will show all the reply and thread to that conversation.


i do have the same version of Teams as you have, can you make sure the more filters... is clear as sometimes it may cause the issue.