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Hello All,


We are using Teams version (64-bit), and having an issue with search. Searching a keyword brings up all chats where the keyword is used, but clicking in that message only shows that specific message, and not the context of the full conversation. I see this issue was also brought up in July 2019 by @Jason Drew but not sure if it was ever fixed. 


I have attached a screenshot.


I have tried uninstalling Teams, as well as clearing the cache but the issue remains the same. 


Any help or direction would be great

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@justinb01Hi JustinB, this should work normally as it is working fine now, I just did a search and find a persistent conversation if that is a single chat, find a group chat conversation, and also did a search for another post which was done in a channel for the channel though it only shows the specific message but if you expense it will show all the reply and thread to that conversation.


i do have the same version of Teams as you have, can you make sure the more filters... is clear as sometimes it may cause the issue.


I'm having the same issue.  The issue comes and goes.

It's VERY frustrating.  

Has Microsoft fixed this issue?


@PDostiyar This has definitely not been fixed. Still seeing individual out of context messages when using search

@chrsykig Just adding that a new search experience is coming soon, and will hopefully improve the current limitations New search experience in Teams

It's apparently been coming "soon" since Feb 2020 though? How can you be sure that item won't get delayed again before the release date?
I'm not saying I'm sure in any way, do I? The search function has been a continuous thing though, being updated in intervals. I'm simply pointing to the roadmap for the latest release with underlying AI. For the record, as of today it's not good enough to simply search a keyword, you need to use modifiers etc. as described here

Seems like they have no interest in fixing this since this is still an issue 2 years later.
March 2023 and we are still facing this problem. I guess they are busy promoting chatgpt