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I want to set up a Teams Room for the office, and I still have some o365 E3 Licenses.

Do I need to buy "Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard License" or "Teams Rooms Premium" to use the Teams Room?




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@Benny_LamIt depends how you are going to use it, see below:

What license do you need?

Before you create a Microsoft 365 resource account, check to see what kind of license it needs:

  • Teams meetings If you want to associate the resource account with a shared device, such as a Microsoft Teams Room or Teams display with hot-desking, and use it to join a Teams meeting so attendees can use it to present video and audio through it, you need a Meeting Room License. For more information about licensing for meeting rooms, see Teams Meeting Room Licensing.

  • PSTN calls If you want the resource to make or receive calls to or from an external phone number (called a Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN call), you need a Microsoft 365 Phone System or Microsoft 365 Business Voice license. You only need to complete Step 1 in the following overview. Then, see Microsoft Teams add-on licenses for more information.

  • If you're only using a resource account to book a resource—that is, invite the resource to your meeting and have it automatically accept or decline the invitation—you don't need to assign a license to the resource account and you only need to complete Step 1 in the following overview.


So if it is only to use for booking a meeting room you will not need any license :)


Let me know if this is the info you where looking for.


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Mitchell Bakker

I want to confirm one thing, o365 E3 License can use Teams but cannot use to set up Microsoft Teams Room(The first one on the list). So, if I want to set up a Teams Room like the first one on the list, I need a Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard License

Thank you
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Yes, Microsoft Teams Rooms need to have at least the “Microsoft Teams Rooms standard”

With this license, you will enable other features that are only there for MTR.

Let me know if this answers your question.

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Mitchell Bakker
As I understand with E5 or E3 whatever I still can use Teams Room and this will be valid until 1 Jul 2023, after that I need to purchase MTR license
Yes, at least Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard License is necessary along with compatible hardware to use Microsoft Teams Rooms. You can go through this blog for a better comparison of Teams Rooms licenses.