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Have a curious problem with two accounts as initiated by this question at superuser.

Joined up to an organization on invitation, and have been a happy contributing member of it for at least 2 years using MS email account A.

Late last year, it so occurred I joined up with MS Partners, and had considerable issue signing into that space with account A, because, as it turned out, it was not a Live account. So changed the primary account on the machine to the aforesaid Live account, or MS email account B.

Still all good, as still able to sign onto to the organization and its channels in MS Teams with A, until the decision was made to just use account B, and forget about account A, removing it altogether.

Unfortunately, starting Teams with account B only got the basic Teams chat menus, and no login to the organization, all caused by the faulty assumption account B had access to the organization, which, by some quirk of circumstance, it didn't. Perhaps account A had extra privileges, work/school or something else?


To all intents and purposes, the two accounts worked in the same way, having similar access rights.

Before A was removed, the owner of the organization sent out an invitation for account B to join. So clicked the "join" button in the email, and eventually got a return email "You're on the team!" Upon clicking that was a new browser page with two buttons in a popup window. Clicked the "Continue" (or similar) button to launch the MS Teams (free) gui app. During the launch, the MS Teams gui briefly displayed the account type icon changing, after which a came a login textbox and "This user cannot access this organization" (or similar), with a login button only for account A into the organization. 


All the above events occurred on a W10 rig, recently changing to W11 on a different machine. On the new machine, (in response to the understated desire to access the organization), the owner sent out further invitations, unfortunately which, after clicking the "join" buttons, no "You're on the team!" automated replies in the mailbox to date. So something is held up somewhere, how to purge it?


The main question is, what exactly are the account types important to Teams (free), and is it possible to elevate/modify privileges not visible in standard account settings?


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I'm having some difficulties understanding the issue here so will just answer the last part.

Currently there are two types of Teams free. The new experience and the legacy called Teams free (classic). You cannot create a Teams free (classic) organization anymore but if you did create one like a year ago you have your own free AAD tenant connected to it and can create teams etc. Pretty much like a subscription version with limited features though.

When you use Teams free today it's only with personal accounts, hence no work or school accounts, and the experience is also limited without any teams etc. You can be invited as a guest user to other organizations with that account but need to switch to the tenant to be able to access the teams.

If not using InPrivate mode / Incognito browser sessions there are some issues from time to time with the desktop client as it cache many things. There's a way to remove those files by simply deleting everything under %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams

You can leave an organization as a guest user, but not if the account is disabled. There's a way to see your current tenant associations by going here as an example and then select the org. icon in the top right corner and then manage orgs. in the bottom right corner.

If you're having issues with a guest account/guest access that org. can delete your account in AAD (and the AAD bin) and then resend another invite.

Hi Christian, thanks for the answer
Yes it appears I am a guest user of the organization (or user in tenant):

You have guest accounts for the following organizations. You can leave organizations you no longer work with.

Right now, his invitations to the new account are not triggering anything, is that because I am using Teams (Free) and he is using Teams (Free Classic)? 

The issue is how to get an invitation as a guest to his organization working for my other MS email account?

In upgrading, will all the content associated with the tenant be automatically transferred from Teams (Free Classic) to Teams (Free), or is there a workaround?

Once the owner is using Teams (Free Classic), he will have no issue accessing the tenant at least?

The point is, I'm happy to join as a guest using the other email account, (so there are two of me in there), but if the original guest account is removed beforehand, will all the channel (and wiki) content associated with the deleted account be removed as well?

Now that I have (temporarily) restored the original MS email address, is it possible with that account to ever enter the organization with Teams (Free), or does Teams (Free Classic) have to be re-installed?

Finally, looking at this in Azure, can the old email account be replaced with the new one by resetting redemption somehow, and would that affect current content in the channel?

Thanks again.