Dislike/Thumbs Down Emoji for Message Reactions

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I would like to see a thumbs down emoji added for message reactions. It can be placed next to the thumbs up emoji.  Thank you.




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as a workaround you can press Windows + . and select thumbs down https://emojipedia.org/microsoft/windows-10/thumbs-down/

definitely needed!
Hi Renke,
When I select the "windows button" + "+" all I get is a magnification too? Any suggestions?
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Try the following key combination (between quotes):


"Windows Button" + "." (The dot).

This is a Windows shortcut that you can use all over in Windows to get the emoticon pop-up



Let me know if that works for you :)


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Mitchell Bakker

That did it - thank you so much! Looks like I misread the previous directions. I love using the reactions for quick acknowledgments to messages so having more reactions to choose from is great!


Mitchell, you made my day!

Theresa :hearteyes: