New Teams Showing 24h time not what region is set as

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Time in teams shows up as 24h clock




Time in windows shows up as AM/PM. 


Regional settings are correct:



Teams version: You have Microsoft Teams version 23217.806.2340.1703.

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Can you check if you are able to update the Teams Version to the latest one. I am running on

You have Microsoft Teams version 23257.2602.2384.1091.
You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 9/19/2023.

It is displaying the 12hr clock on the Teams 2.0

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My Teams wont pull a new version - I'm guessing this is the version limited to by companies IT? 


Yes could be restricted by the IT Teams. Can you check if everything works fine on the Old Client?

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Satish U
yes, it works fine in the old client