Creating Meetings in Teams externally

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Creating Meetings in Teams externally


Hello friends. First of all, again, I apologize for the words, since I don't speak another language I'm using an online translator.


My situation is as follows: I would like to create a way to generate meetings in Teams externally to the App or the Web version. For example: I want meetings where transcriptions and recording are automatic, without the need for user interaction that is "promoting", "organizing" the meeting.


After some research, I saw that I can do it via Powershell - or via Graph - with some relative success. I believe this is a matter of adapting the best way for the end user.


This is the documentation I used as a base:


The issue of automatic recording as well as transcription depends on policy.


I imagine that the user who will perform this operation must have assigned this personalized policy to themselves - which is different from the rest of the users in the organization.


This is where the doubt lives. I must assign the policy to him, he accesses the meeting in his Teams calendar and everything starts. After the scheduled meeting time, it returns to the default. Could this be it or is this thinking wrong?


The idea is to collect in a meeting, a series of questions and answers from external users, placed in an environment where I can identify one and the other and the transcription is generated so that later I can take this data, recording and transcription to another place


I hope I was clear, I'm happy to explain better.


Thank you in advance for everyone’s help


Thank you very much
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