Multi Teams enviroment drops current call when receiving a call on other Teams profile

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Hi all, 


I'm running multiple Teams accounts on Windows. 

This is all working fine, untill I receive some calls, while I'm on a call already, from another account. 

This abruptly cancels the current call!! How is that possible? 


So, while on a call with PROFILE-A, I do get another call from PROFILE-B, the call in PROFILE-A gots ended, while the PROFILE-B call get to ring. 


Any idea how I could prevent this? I dont want to go over all the profile to set to DND mode, which would make it really hard for me to manage during all the day. 




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@Kingebeng Do you have any third party software e.g. to support your headset/speaker ? I've heard sometimes that out of date versions might do this, as the ringing call triggers some switching behaviour. What is your audio device, is it Teams certified and fully up to date.


Also worth looking to see if you have any alternate ringing configured, again poor audio devices can sometimes not like to send a ring tone to a different device and end up killing a call.

all are Jabras with Teams Certified. Per example Jabra Speak 710 connected with USB cable.

All ringing is default set, so no any additional configurations there.

It was really annoying, while on a conference call, I was kicked out there, because someone else called me on another Teams.

We have the same problem in our organization. We use Jabra Engage 75 headsets.