I cannot remove a tab on a Microsoft Teams "Team"?

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I am able to remove all tabs on this Teams, except for one in particular. The tab has no "remove" button when I right-click onto it unlike other tabs. I create the tab by linking it to an Excel file on the same Teams, and have removed the file, but the tab is still there. Even the own of the Teams has no "remove" button for this one tab. Please assist!




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What type of tab is that? (if you click on About)

Hi @Andres Gorzelany , the tab is an Excel Tab.

I tried to reproduce, removing the file after creating the Excel tab, and I can still remove the tab.
Are you the owner of the team?
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Also, if you are sure you the remove was there, try to restore the file using OneDrive/SharePoint restore and see if it allows you to remove the tab as before
Hello, returning here to understand if you could remove the tab?
Hi there, sorry my reply didn't send out properly. Thank you for the help! I was able to resolve the issue after accessing teams on another laptop with the same account. In short I was the one that uploaded and stuck the file as a tab, but am not an owner of the actual Teams chat itself