Spell check settings broken

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I have disabled spell check in Teams. Since a couple of days it seems to be activated, even if it's disabled in Teams settings. See screenshot "oldcache.png". After clearing Teams cache there's no option anymore to disable spell check ("newcache.pngs")? Teams version is (last updated July 1 2021)

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The issue reproduceable:

- Uninstall Teams

- Install Teams version

- Spell checks can be disabled in settings

- Initiate auto update

- Getting version

- Spell check activated but still disabled in settings

- Delete cache (%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams)

- Spell check setting is gone

It's even worse than before - spell checking cannot be disabled by fixing settings.json manually (or via a script), relevant spellcheckDisabled settings are set false at application start and spell checking is forcefully enabled. Very annoying.

@jannek_Aalto I feel like I'm having the opposite problem that I want auto spell check and it shows that it is on, but it's not actually working on in my email. Was there a recent update? I'm a terrible speller, and I feel like I'm in going in blind into my emails lol