Microsoft Teams Room - Direct Join into Zoom Meetings without having to enter user name & passcode

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Hi all,


Could you please help to schedule a Microsoft Teams Room Zoom meeting without having to enter user name & passcode to join?


Below is settings in my Zoom account portal.





But it's still asking me to enter the meeting passcode and Name before join the meeting.




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@kinghnvn I don't know if you have solved this yet. I just configured this on a couple of my devices. On your Logitech device, you'll need to change the setting under the Third Party Meetings settings. Under Third Party Meetings, you'll have the toggles for to enable/disable WebEx and Zoom. Just under those toggles, and assuming you've enabled Zoom, there'll be a radio set of radio buttons "Join with Room info" and "Join with custom info." 


More than likely you currently have Join with custom info selected. If you select Join with Room info then you should be able to join without the need to authenticate to Zoom.


Good luck!


I already selected the option "Join with Room info" as screenshot below.

It still requires enter user name & passcode to join the call.

Join with custom info.jpg





Your settings have only authenticated users (waiting room switched off as well). The MTR can not authenticate with Zoom and can only join as an unauthenticated guest. You will need a BYOD mode to use the equipment with a PC so you can authenticate manually with a zoom account.