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Hi, I will have to follow an online course of about 7/8 months and I would like to calculate data consumption (GB) as precisely as possible.


We are talking about about 8 hours a day in videoconferencing for 5 days a week and all for 6/7/8 months.

On the internet I find quite different data on the matter.

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Hi @Orkan20,

Microsoft Teams uses approximately 225MB of data per hour for group video calling, and this can increase to about 450MB per hour in the case of HD group video calling with 540p videos on a 1080p screen.
Here is the general (rough) calculation for your case:

  • Daily Usage:
    If you engage in video conferencing for 8 hours a day, the data consumed would be 3.6GB per day (assuming HD quality).
  • Weekly Usage:
    For a 5-day week, the data consumed would amount to 18GB.
  • Monthly Usage:
    for 4 weeks in a month, the data consumed would be 72GB.
  • Total Usage for 6/7/8 months:
    The data consumed would be about 432GB/504GB/576GB.

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