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For Teams meetings with dial in information, if I use the "call me" feature, a call comes into my phone number, but after I accept, it is just silent on the other end of the phone (even though I know people are talking, and once I switch to computer audio, there is sound). If I dial in manually, after dialing the number, there is just silence - no automated message to enter my meeting ID or anything. 


This is only happening intermittently - sometimes it works as expected where I hear the meeting, but I haven't noticed any pattern to when it occurs.

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@amysenders Do you know if other users from your organisation have the same problem or if it is only you? It could be a problem with the service from Microsoft, your telephone service providers or even your phone.


Things to test is if it happens with another phone and from another telephone service provider. If you remember the dates and time when you had these problems I suggest that you create a support ticket with Microsoft support. They will need what meeting you called to, when you called and from what number you called. If you can send a couple of occurrences to support it will be easier for them.


I had a similar case with a customer, then it was an external user called in and it was silent some times but then when the external caller called from their cell phone instead of from their deskphone they never had the silent problem.