Knowing admin email on a domain

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Good morning,
I am an administrator on my company's domain but it seems that a user has created an account as an administrator without telling us.
Can I know the email address currently registered as an administrator and, more importantly, how can I change it?
Thanks to anyone who can help me.
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Hi Rodolphe,

If you have the global administrator role than you can check privileged role membership in > Azure Active Directory > Roles and Administrators. Members can be removed.

If the creation of the extra administrator account was done in the past month, please check: > Azure Active Directory > Audit logs



Hi Mattieu,

Its the problem i have, I don't have the administrator rights, and want to know wich account in our domain have it...


Do you have a reseller who manages your licenses? Or a MSP that can access your tenant via their Partner Center?

You can always raise a ticket with Microsoft support. They will ask you a couple of question regarding the tenant to check your identity. Possibly they also will ask you to add a TXT record in the public DNS-zone so you can prove that you own the custom domain.

Thanks to you, whe don't have reseller or manager because it was free account created individually from users wich want to use Teams for discussing with customers or each others.
I will try to contact Microsoft support, do you have direct link for support?
Adding TXT record is not a problem, I have acces to our DNS-zone.
Many thanks for your help.

Hi Rodolphe,

Since you are not able to create a service request via the Microsoft 365 portal, reseller or MSP/CSP, please contact Microsoft support by phone: