Join Now Not Showing Up in Team Channel

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I am the IT Coordinator for my school. All of our teachers start meetings using the Meet Now button in their teams (each class has a team).

One of our students cannot join any of his class meetings. The Join Now button does not show up in the Team channel even after the teacher had started the meeting. The teacher has to invite him in every time.

Any ideas on how this can be fixed?
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Just this student? How long has it been like that? Was it working before?
Try have the student do a full logout of the teams client and login again into Teams.


@adam deltinger 


It just started happening last week. The student has tried logging off of his Teams and it didn’t make a difference.


Hi, I am having this problem as well, i.e. Join now button is not lighting up so I cannot press on it to join the meetings.  Did you manage to solve the issue pls? Thanks


I’m actually waiting to hear back from the student. It only seems to be affecting the one.


At my place of work it only happened to me as well.  I have now managed to find a way around it:


Instead of choosing to open the Teams app (first pop-up box with options to open that Teams App or Cancel, choose Cancel), open Teams on the browser instead (2nd option).  Then log in on Teams normally and a pop-up screen should enable you to join the meeting.


Hope this helps.