Meetings made in Teams not showing in Teams Calendar?

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I've tried to make several meetings in Teams recently, some inside Teams and Channels, some not.


I've invited other members of my team to join.


None of the meetings that I make within a Team or Channel appear in my calendar within teams. They do appear in only 1 of my team's calendar, but no-one elses? 


The meetings that I've made that are not in a Team/Channel do appear in my calendar, but don't appear in other invitees calendars?


At the moment, we have our gmail email addresses linked to our MS Teams email addresses, and we're having to use the google calendar events to get into MS Teams meetings, which is silly.


What's going on?


I can't see any option to make the meetings visible or invisible for some people and not others.



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Have you managed to solve the problem? We are experiencing exactly the same issues and would welcome any advice.
Unfortunately, no. The scheduled meeting appears for the invitees, but not for me, that created it.

@Alan_Thrall , I experience a similar issue. Within Teams my calendar is empty. If I go to outlook, I can see though if I select "Group Calendars", not every teams is a group though.

@Gustavo1660 Similar issue here - scheduled meetings in a Teams channel don't appear in the group calendar which is clearly counter-intuitive. Is being on Exchange server a factor? No one at Msft seems to know.

@matt howell , I will add to the discussion a solution that worked for me. I used to have my @m email programmed to forward all emails to gmail (this was configured directly at the online outlook interface). I decided to turn off forwarding for testing its impact and it completely solved my issue!


Also, I noticed that only mettings that were either adjusted or created AFTER turning off the forwarding appeared in the calendar. As for the gmail issue, now I configured gmail to check (through POP) my emails at my microsoft email.


PS: I am using Teams through my University account.



I know this was posted a while ago but I just had this happen to me. I don't know if this is what happened to you or others but I realised that they weren't showing up in my calendar because I had accidentally set the time to AM (e.g 2:00AM) instead of PM. 

Hi @AmeliaL1512 thank you for taking the time to reply.


What I found that I had to do was make a meeting and invite myself, using a second Gmail account. The invitation went into that calendar OK, which showed the event and MS Teams meeting link, but it only occasionally show up in the Teams one.


I've now started to use Outlook and make Teams meetings through that, which seems to work better and shows up in that calendar, so I've kinda worked around this in a couple of different ways.

Go to meeting details then click add to calendar

@AmeliaL1512  Thank you so much for this, It solved my problem. mine was also showing in AM instead of PM

I have the same problem, unfortunately I have no option to add to Calendar in meeting details.


My team is also having this issue.

If you're having trouble getting your meetings to show in your MS Teams calendar, try logging out and closing the app. Open it back up and log in again. Navigate back to your calendar and see if the meeting has appeared. (It does happen.)
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