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I wonder how I can export the list of members of a team to an excel or csv file. When there are some assignments, there is an export option in Grades tab and I can delete the extra columns; but I do not have a solution for the teams with no assignments.

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@Farhad Mazlumi 

This was a brilliant and easy way to export the member list.  Took me 10 seconds :)

@PDugan  This was perfect!  So simple and I don't have to be a developer to do it!

@Farhad Mazlumi  Maybe it´s too late, but here´s how I´ve just managed: go to your team and open Insights. Once in Insights, open "more options" at the top right corner of the app and choose Export to Excel. What you´ll get is a xls file with names and emails of all team members. 

Customize and rename this file and you´ll be able to use it in any other application.


Hi there - it's never too late! ;) I'd love to try this, but how do you open Insights? Could you provide a screenshot or 2?

@missyllane Hi, Insights is an additional app that I added to the Team´s menu.

I discovered it some time ago and I have to admit that it is more suitable for school environments that the regular tracking tab of Teams. You can see who visited the Team, how long and what they worked on. Besides, the app gathers information like the number of tasks completed by each student, etc. This information can be very useful at the time of grading. 

Anyway, once you get it added to your Team as an extra tab (use the + sign to do that)...



... this is the kind of general information it provides about the Team: 


... and when you click on "Student activity" it shows a chart with the activity of each of the students in the Team (from the image you can see that my students are not using it much these days).


In the "Student activity" section you´ll also find an ellipsis (yellow highlight in the image) that will allow you to export this information, together with the names and emails of all the students, to an xls. file.

And that would be it!

I hope it helps.




@Farhad Mazlumi You could try doing this from as a standard user without needing to use PowerShell. Select Azure Active Directory, browse to Groups and search for the Team name. You can view members and owners from there, and should be able to download the memberlist to csv using the bulk operations drop down. Having said that, an option within the Team client itself would be a much better option!

@Christopher Hoard seems like this script example doesn't exist anymore. When you click the link, it goes to the generic docs page and searching "get Teams details" pulls up nothing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Thanks for bearing with me as I get back to the Teams Community


Can now do this in the Teams Admin Centre. Go to Teams > Manage Teams > Select a Team and it's on the right hand side :D 




Best, Chris

@Farhad Mazlumi i found the answer on youtube:

You can do this in Power Automate. This user shows how:


For me I wasn't able to connect excel so I took the output from the first part and copied and pasted into a text document and used a Python script to loop through the dictionary to pull the names


I can not agree more!
It is 2022 Oct and I am still fighting at this issue.

It is just **bleep** that Microsoft Teams doesn't provide such a basic function!
Why this software doesn't allow team/group owners to export members list simply by a few clicks? Why we need to learn how to coding/scripting in order to know who are in our team/group?
The designers & developers of the functions shall feel shamed.

Go back to my condition. I only have Teams without apps like Grades, Insights... and in my company we don't have rights to open the consoles. What can I do to export the member list, except to manually copy from members and then remove the useless text one by one?
Do you have access to Power Automate?

@PaulMtheson Thank you for replying. No Power Automate now but I am applying this appli to admin of my company. If finally I can have this appli, can it helps me to export team/group member list?

@Christopher Hoard the link provided no longer works.

Thank you for this. I tried some of the scripts others suggested and only ever got a quarter of the members in the download. Using the was the simplest method.
For some reason the scripts didn't extract all of the members. Only 49 / 340. I used instead which someone else recommending below.

Broken link now? @Christopher Hoard