Delete Received Messages in Private Chat

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Hi all,


I've done a bit of research and it seems it's not possible, but I've found nothing definitive so wanted to confirm with the wider community! 


Is it possible for either a Teams Admin/Owner, or even the relevant user, to delete a received message from the Private Chat within Teams. 


I'm aware with the correct permissions a user can delete their sent messages in a Private Chat, but I'm not sure if they can delete received ones. 


EDIT: I should also note that I do not want to delete the whole thread. Only specific messages within it. 


Thanks in advance!



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Past messages can be over 24 hours but only by retention policy. It’s not currently possible to delete individual / selected received messages in chats.
Thanks for the clarification Chris, much appreciated!

@connerwhiteside I just want to delete all Private chats. Do we have any PowerShell Commands?


They have "FINALLY" enabled this feature after so long! I got the update today in my teams, now you can delete private messages/chats entirely without doing one by one. 


Microsoft really have to work on getting better and faster developers to get things done on time, not after years and years of waiting.


They told me once that there was no way to mute people from messaging on the Feed Channel, and I found the way by mistake a few days after their response. They didn't even know the option was there. I emailed their Indians developers with the work around and months later the option was removed from Teams due to my discovery.


Bottom line is, if you find the workaround and had contacted them for assistance, DON'T tell them or the option will be removed.