re routing calls in non calling plan regions

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Hi Guys I wonder if someone can clarify something please.  A client is asking me to configure toll/toll free numbers in several regions around the globe and then forward those numbers out of Teams to an external number.  They are looking to use Microsoft calling plans within their tenant.  The issue I face is that some of the regions are areas where calling plans are unavailable and as such I don't think I can forward to a PSTN number from that region. What they have asked is can I forward the call to an internal account in a region that is covered by calling plans and from there forward it to the external number,. 


My concern is the legality of this and if this is really something they should be doing.  I have raised my concern but was hoping for certainty before going back and saying no

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@B_Rooke there's more information about Calling Plans in this article, including a link to the countries where you can dial. Hope that helps!