Channel Meeting Restrictions

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I was wondering if there are any restrictions on meetings scheduled within a channel? I have a team of trainers who have experienced the following issues when they run a channel meeting (previously scheduled):


1. Together mode not working

2. Only the organiser can see raised hands

3. Large gallery mode is greyed out/not working

4. Participants unable to spotlight themselves


Not sure if these are genuine restrictions or something local...

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Hello, shouldn't be any problem if you're satisfy the prerequisites. You can see this conversation for some pointers


Try updating the desktop client "check for updates" and also sign out manually to refresh things.

Thanks for the feedback Christian, much appreciated.
Hello again, let me add the following to the conversation as it quite common that people don't really know about the different roles that can be used. Nothing to do with the "new meeting experience" so only a heads-up in case you haven't seen this page