adjust volume for individual callers in a meeting

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I was just wondering if there was an option that I had missed that allows me to change the volume of individual participants in a meeting. I regularly have meetings where some people are really loud, but some are almost inaudible. The only way round this is to turn up the master volume in teams, so I can hear the quiet ones, but this has the affect of making the loud ones even louder, which in turn leads to echo's and so forth for everyone else.. 


If there was a way to adjust the volume of individual callers it would be ideal (or if this could be done automatically to make everyone the same volume, even better).


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Audio volume is managed per device from the said device. It gets tricky when some may have a device very close to them and others may have this further away. By default Teams has built in capability to auto-adjust the mic level. So how does it work? if you set the mic level to 50% before the call. Teams smarts might push it up to say 80%. That now becomes the new default. This function can be a bit hit and miss, no toggle to turn off at the moment. Just remember, for the best experience, always use certified for Teams devices.

Would it be possible to get a system that exists in Discord, where we can adjust the incoming volumes of different participants?


Currently I have to constantly manipulate the volumes of people talking, not so bad when working at home and I can use my speakers, but when I am in the office and the speaker is right next to my ear I worry that it could damage my hearing.


Also is there some way teams can let individual users know how loud there mike is, so hat they can adjust their own volume on said device to a reasonable level?


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Currently (its unlikely that this will ever change, just think of the implications of someone else manipulating your mic..) each participant is responsible for their own volume controls, so the settings manipulating control is on their end. The setting to Microsoft Teams Client to "Automatically adjust mic sensitivity" is essential in keeping their volume to an acceptable level. 


Also, always use audio devices certified for Teams to eliminate the risk of misbehaving audio.

Hope that helps.

@Paul Bloem 


I'm not sure OP is really asking to be able to control another user's mic, but rather the ability to adjust the volume you receive them at from your side, much like Discord has.


If you have one user really quiet and, one user practically eating the mic, or really loud, you can't adjust the volume as it stands to be able to comfortably hear both participants, as they are both controlled by a single volume control, rather than independently.