A problem with Teams recording

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Yesterday, I used Teams to record a proctoring video. When I ended the recording and returned to the chat module, Teams showed that recording failed to upload to Stream. I tried to find this video in the stream, but I didn't find it. This video is very important to me. Where can I find this video?

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@YINYILENG The message says that it failed to upload to Stream, probably due to permissions or licenses set in Stream.


I think if you click on the ... on that message you might be able to download the recording directly to your machine.

@YINYILENG Yes, please click on the ... button try to download the recording to your computer if the recording still available.


Maybe you can use the Evaer to record your Teams video meetings next time if you still don't have stream. More information see the link


I'm having the same issue since august 24...