Nvidia Recording stops when started to do Screen Sharing in Microsoft Teams.

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I am writing to report an issue that I've been experiencing with Microsoft Teams on Windows 11, in conjunction with using Nvidia GeForce Experience for screen recording purposes. Everything works as expected when recording various applications or games, as well as during conversations in Microsoft Teams, including moments when screens are shared with me or just during dialogues.

However, I encounter a problem when I start sharing my screen in Teams: my screen recording through Nvidia GeForce Experience automatically stops.

This issue has only started occurring recently. It is worth noting that until September last year, I was able to share my screen in Teams and continue recording without any interruptions. I have attempted several troubleshooting steps, including updating Nvidia drivers to the latest version, checking privacy and permission settings in both Nvidia Experience and Microsoft Teams, and trying different recording settings. Unfortunately, none of these measures have resolved the issue.

Could you please offer any recommendations or a solution to this problem? Are there specific settings in Teams or Windows that need to be adjusted, or is this a known issue for which there is already a developed solution?

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your response.

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@AntonyXx could it be that both apps want to use the same resource which is not possible? I would recommend to create a ticket for this one.

The fact is that earlier this was possible, but then suddenly in September it stopped working (recording the screen while simultaneously showing the screen in Teams).
Antony, you can move back to Classic Teams to fix this. I'm not sure why this issue is happening, but it's incredibly frustrating, especially because new Teams is way better. I hope they fix it soon.