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We have recently started using MS Teams for Webinars we conduct with external customers.

As we are using PowerPoint Live for sharing slides, we would love to insert Stream (SharePoint) video links into our PowerPoints.

However, inserting Online Videos with a SharePoint link is currently not supported (see error message below). We can only insert Stream (Classic) video links - the drawback of that solution is that it does not work for external webinar attendees.


Are there any plans to allow the insertion of Stream (SharePoint) videos? Will those videos be accessible then to external users that do not have a Stream account within our own organization?


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I don't think SharePoint is ready yet for hosting/embedding videos into PPT and as far as external access goes, that will most likely depend on your IT security settings.  Good Luck!@Max_von_Armansperg 

@Scott Tupper Thanks for your quick reply! Yes, we figured that Microsoft does not provide the ability to embed SharePoint videos into PowerPoint yet, unfortunately. I was just curious to see if by any chance any of their PM lurk around these forums and can give a response to our questions above.


The issue with Stream (Classic) is that you can never share Stream videos with external guests - even if you wanted to. At the moment, implementing a Stream (Classic) video into PowerPoint Live prompts external guests to create a Stream account, as they can't otherwise watch the video being played by the meeting host.


Our SharePoint settings allow sharing with external users, of course, so given that at some point they allow users to embed Stream (SharePoint) videos into PowerPoint Live, we are curious to hear if sharing such a slide where a video is played via MS Teams would work for external guests then.

We are working on this ability to add a video from SharePoint into a ppt deck like works for classic. It's going slowly due to hard technical issues and performance issues. We are working on it but feel free to add your idea and votes to our new feedback portal: However you can get a similar experience by uploading the video inside the ppt itself. That works with PowerPoint live in a teams meeting to play back the video on everyone's machine directly. Not sure that works with webinars or not through.
Good Morning Marc,

Thanks for getting back to me - very happy to hear that the embedded video functionality is planned for Stream/SharePoint as well!

We have tried loading the video into the PowerPoint directly, then sharing it via PowerPoint live but encountered many issues. The video we have uploaded is a fairly big one (around 1 GB; 45 min duration) so maybe that was the reason for the issues we have encountered. The following errors occurred when testing with a direct video upload then sharing via PowerPoint live:

1. Video doesn't play for meeting participants at all. It starts around 3 min after the meeting host has started the video on his end.
2. Video plays but without sound, even though Computer Audio was shared
3. When sharing PowerPoint live, the meeting host is missing the 'Play' button

Unfortunately, we could not predict reliably which issue would occur at which trial. For the time being, we have switched to embedding a YouTube link into the PowerPoint as that is the most reliably working solution as of today (but not the most preferred one, as it allows meeting participants to pause or fast forward the video on their own).

Has there been any progress on this?   Now that Stream (Classic) has been blocked... our workflow has been disrupted. Videos created in your org cannot be embedded via link in a PowerPoint - only embedded as a file - which as mentioned here - crashes the presentation when made over Teams.


In Stream Classic we used Insert > Video > Online Videos and provided the URL.  Now with Stream (for SharePoint) the URL is not recognized.    Now our only option is use a different platform without the organizational security of SharePoint. 


This is a year and some months later.  Has there been any progress?  Can you recommend a workaround? 

 Thansk @Marc Mroz 

@Marc Mroz What on Earth is Microsoft doing????

We migrated all of our video resources from Stream Classic as suggested. Now we have no way of inserting videos into Powerpoint, which we were able to do previously.

Why have Microsoft become so poor at ensuring their products work adequately before rolling them out? Businesses are being used as guinea pigs to find all the faults, only to find Microsoft are too busy breaking other application to fix anything.

The functionality Microsoft provide needs to be kept in place when 'improving' applications. Perhaps testing properly BEFORE rolling out?

This is a mess and we are all getting sick and tired of Microsoft shrugging their shoulders and saying 'What the heck, let's just roll it out deal with the bugs some other time.'

Microsoft are a multi billion dollar organisation. Can they not act like one?

This is absolutely horrible of Microsoft. I can link a stream video (Stream on SharePoint) if I've got the video synced with the company OneDrive, but then the link goes to the source on my local machine. All I want to do is get a link (or an embed code) and paste that in PowerPoint - just like I can with Youtube videos.

@Max_von_Armansperg came across this today as we are still having the same issue. 

Hey @Pernille-Eskebo - Any thoughts on when this functionality might be fixed? Still finding we can't embed a video link in PowerPoint from the new Stream.
I came in here wondering if anyone has found a workaround for this, and doesn't sound like there is one yet? I find it especially" special" that I can feed the PowerPoint dialog box a SharePoint URL and it tells me it's not recognized. MS Forms doesn't seem to like SharePoint based video URLs either.
I do wish developers would stop shipping Minimum viable products too early for market - once you've managed to replicate all previous functionality then send it out for general release, leave it in beta otherwise with an opt in and opt out to use it.




It's coming up on a year that we have to export our videos to YouTube so that we can embed them in PowerPoint. WTH?

The M365 roadmap (feature ID 155751) says this will start rolling out from August 2023:
Thank you so much for posting, that's great news!

Hi, somebody knows if this feature will depen on the version of powerpoint client or some cloud change or will need to install some plugin in office store?

@Marc Mroz yeah but that makes the .pptx file size huge

@David_Bonache_365 according to Microsoft's comparisons sheet ( you need at least version 16.0.16731.20000.


Just tried to embed a Stream on Sharepoint video inside Powerpoint but it's not recognized yet. Although it's mentioned on the available online services.




Comment on the Powerpoint embed function in the comparison list:

As of August 23, 2023, abilty to embed a ODB or SPO video into a PowerPoint slide is possible through PowerPoint on Web. If you insert with PowerPoint on web it'll play in all PowerPoint clients. Ability to insert ODB or SPO videos into PowerPoint on Windows and Mac is deploying. You'll need these versions...
Windows: version >= 16.0.16731.20000
Mac: version > = 16.76.804.0

I just had some success with testing! I opened PowerePoint Online and used the Insert Menu > Online video, then entered the link for a video I had stored on OneDrive. Worked fine. Repeated with a link for a video stored on SharePoint.

@Marc Mroz another functionality in stream classic that is extremely valuable is being able to upload new versions of videos that retain the same URL. This is essential for how we use stream because much of our training content relies on embedded videos. So if the ability to do this goes away, we would have to keep track of every document a video is embedded on and update every single document when one video changes. This is would be so time consuming we would have to find an alternative product because that redundant and tedious effort would have too significant an impact on staff bandwidth. The ability to incorporate MS forms and search the auto-generated transcript is also essential for our employees to search video tutorials and find solutions without having to watch the entire training video.


In all honesty, I don’t understand why Microsoft is sunsetting stream. It just feels like this excellent program that is working extremely well is being replaced by a half-cooked and less valuable program. I don’t understand why Microsoft would replace a product with something worse and less compatible in almost every way. I accept that it is happening, but I am worried this transition is going to make my life miserable and frustrating for several months while I have to replace nearly all the training content I’ve created in addition to my already demanding schedule.