ChipChamp Enterprise App Missing

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Hi all, 


So... ClipChamp Enterprise App. When you go to Video Editor in Windows 10 now you get this. 


But there isn't a ClipChamp Enterprise App that I can see. So... on the Intune Store when you app the ChipChamp app it gives you the same login page as Sign in | Clipchamp but you can't login with an commercial 365 account



Looks like there is a bit of a gap here, since Web is slow to roll out and app you can't log into. Anyone else got any thoughts. 


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I am also wondering where it is. The message MC664866 says: We will begin rolling out in late August 2023, and expect to be complete by mid-October 2023.

@Dlewis-79 The Clipchamp desktop app will support access to Clipchamp's Commercial offering once Clipchamp Commercial is generally available in mid-November to M365 E3 and E5 subscribers. 


In the meantime, if you are a Targeted Release customer, you can access clipchamp commercial via a browser at


If you are completely stuck, you can temporarily download and install Microsoft Photos Legacy from the Microsoft Store and continue using Video Editor. You can find the installation link inside Photos by selecting Settings, then navigating to the About section, then Photos Legacy, and selecting the Get Photos Legacy button


This is the first I'm hearing that enterprise customers would be able to use the desktop app for Windows. When you login with M365 account does that mean you aren't subjected to all the upsell messaging that's in the desktop app now? Any feature differences with the desktop app?
Thanks for the details. Yes I am a TR user and able to get to the Web version. Its the desktop version I am keen to try out.
Interesting update/news from Microsoft Support:

As part of rolling out Clipchamp to Microsoft 365 organizations, which will be Completed by mid-November 2023 (previously mid-October) the app is being progressively enabled for users with corresponding licenses. This secondary process is happening automatically and will continue until the end of December 2023
@Kevin Crossman I'm sure you know that the reference was to being able to use the personal license of Clipchamp until the enterprise license appears in the user's tenant. ;^)
Not sure exactly what you mean
For tenants that don't have Clipchamp (commercial tenants where licenses haven't completed backfilling, GCC, and Edu), users can download the Clipchamp client app through the Windows store and use a personal user account to access the free version of the tool. Once the licenses have been backfilled (associated) in the tenant, then the tool is available directly from OneDrive and SharePoint as part of the enterprise license and no desktop app is required. The desktop app is only for use with a personal account and not the enterprise license.