Share Microsoft Streams Video in Teams Meeting

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We have a biweekly meeting on Teams where we show demo videos. Currently whenever we play a video the sound needs to come through someones mic so that everyone can hear it. I understand that there is all of this Streams integration into Teams, but I haven't figured out how to share a video directly during a meeting. Is this possible?

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While you can share your video, remote folks won't hear the audio as Teams does not capture system audio, only mic/headset.

You can workaround this lack of functionality. One option is using NDI - with VLC for playback into a NDI source and using NewTek NDI Virtual Input for giving you both a webcam and an audio feed of it, and choose them as devices in Teams.

It seems to work fine if the Mic is unmuted, I don't think I need to do something this extreme. I just kind of assumed that Teams supported sharing Streams because it has Streams integration, and something someone said had hinted as such, but I guess I was just mistaken. But thanks for the workaround tip.