Introducing Copilot in Microsoft Stream
Published Sep 21 2023 08:00 AM 30.9K Views

Editor's note: Copilot in Stream is now available worldwide for customers with a Microsoft 365 Copilot license.


Video is one of the most powerful and engaging forms of communication, but when you’re looking for specific details from a video it often takes a fair bit of time to find what you need. You may need to watch the entire video or jump through parts manually to find the details you’re looking for. To help you get the information you need quickly from videos, we’re introducing Copilot in Microsoft Stream as part of Microsoft 365 Copilot1. Copilot in Stream sets a new standard for quickly extracting meaningful information and insights from the videos in your organization. Let’s take a look.


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Copilot in Stream can quickly summarize a video or answer your questions about the content in the video.


Get the insights you need from videos with Copilot in Stream

Copilot in Microsoft Stream lets you quickly and effectively catch up on videos in your organization, whether it’s the latest Teams meeting recording, town hall, product demo, how-to, or onsite videos from front line workers. Copilot helps you get what you need from your videos in seconds!2 You can use it to:

• Summarize any video to identify relevant points you need to watch.
• Ask questions to get insights from long or detailed videos.
• Locate where people, teams, or topics are discussed so you can jump to that point in the video.
• Identify calls to action and where you can get involved to help.


Copilot in Stream quickly gets you the information you need from videos to maximize your work.


Getting started with Copilot in Stream

You will be able to use Copilot in Stream anywhere that you watch videos in Microsoft 365 such as SharePoint, Teams, and Viva Engage, or the Stream web app. Here’s how to get started:


First, access a video on the Stream start page. If the video does not have a transcript, you’ll need to generate a transcript first.


Next, click on a suggested prompt in the Copilot box, such as “Summarize the video.” Copilot will return what you ask for and will show linked timestamps so you can jump to the spot in the video where the information or answer came from.


Copilot in Stream can summarize a video and offer linked timestamps so you can jump to the spot in the video where the information came from.


To dive deeper, you can ask any question related to the video in the Copilot prompt area. The prompt guide provides helpful ideas to get started, but you can also ask Copilot to help you understand anything from the video transcript including key topics, themes, trends, and open questions. For example, if you’re the project manager assigned to a new construction project, you might ask:

• What are the latest project updates and issues?
• Is this project running on time and on budget?
• Have any new risks been identified, and how are they being managed?
• Are there any challenges facing material distribution to the dispersed job sites?
• How does the site design accommodate hybrid work?

Videos are a great tool for conveying information and learning, and now they are more powerful than ever with Copilot.


You can use the prompt guide in Copilot in Stream to show you a specific part of a video.

Videos in Microsoft 365 Chat

As announced today, Microsoft 365 Chat  allows you to ask questions of content across your organization, including video. You will be able to use Microsoft 365 Chat to ask questions about all the videos in your organization.3 It is particularly useful when you want to share insights or transfer knowledge to others. Just ask it your questions and then copy and paste the details it provides into your email or chat. Learn more.


Built on Microsoft’s commitment to security, compliance and privacy

Copilot leverages the power of large language models in Azure OpenAI to deeply understand any video with a transcript. Your data, your questions and the Copilot responses never leave Microsoft. Your conversations with Copilot are yours alone. What’s more, your videos and Copilot inputs are not used to train Copilot. Guided by our AI principles and Responsible AI Standard, Copilot in Stream delivers a secure solution that does not expose your content.


We expect Copilot in Stream to enter general availability in April 2024 for customers who have a Microsoft 365 Copilot license.



We welcome your feedback. Feel free to comment below or share and vote on ideas in the Stream feedback portal. Additionally, we’d like to invite you to join our customer connections office hours. In this twice-monthly meeting, we answer your questions, share our plans, learn more about your video needs, and get your feedback. Sign up at

1 Copilot in Stream requires a Microsoft 365 Copilot license.
2 Copilot in Stream works for videos that have a transcript and that viewers have permission to watch.
3 Microsoft 365 Chat works for videos that have a transcript and that viewers have permission to watch.

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