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I have a complex formula and Excel is setting out the result over two cells, one above the other. I have never seen anything like this before. The formula is =IF(E16>0,E16/((1+$E$8/12)^(C16*12)-(1+$E$10/12)^(C15:C16*2))*(1+$E$8/12*1)*($E$8/12-$E$10/12),0) The results are shown in two cells: in the top cell E17 is 0.00 and in the b bottom cell E18 is 564.,883 (the correct answer). The formula itself is contained in cell E17.


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Hello @RobGlenister

I'm not sure what your actual question is. Additionally a screenshot of the table with some comments added could help to understand the structure and your question.


Thank you 


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@Rolf-42 Thanks for getting back to me. I've now gone through the formula again and have made a change which has resolved the problem. Appears I was addressing two cells instead of one in a particular instance.