What is the best option for former MCT - to join Alumni or re-certify as MCT?

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I was an MCT for 16 years. In 2019, I had an issue with renewing my certification. There was an error on the system and I've been asked by the Microsoft support team to perform same steps over and over again, however the issue stayed the same. I asked if I could simply pay and the support team will renew it at their side, but they refused. Why they decided to make it so complicated is still unknown to me.


Then they advised that it was too late and asked to start my MCT certification from scratch. I could not face any more of that and just left it.


In 2019, to support MCT, I also took Exam 77-727: Microsoft Excel 2016 and passed. I work with and train on 2021. If I stayed MCT I only had to take an exam each year, could you please advise what shall I do for my situation please, as you probably can see the exams I took?


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