Can't export excel file to Xero on windows 7

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Hi guys,


I need you assistance. I have a colleague here that is using Windows 7 operating system. She is trying to export an excel file to Xero through standalone app but she received a message to activate or sign in to and when she try to log in. It won't still allow her to export. When we go to her office account in the browser and when we click sync there. She is required to install the latest version of OneDrive. But she got an error about "setthreadinformation.. dynamic.. library.. etc"

I'm aware that OneDrive has ended support for desktop applications on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. However, we are using an enterprise subscription. Does it still apply to that enterprise environment? Because it says in the update that:


"If you are using the OneDrive desktop application for business, starting January 1, 2022, support for this application will be aligned with the Windows support lifecycle.

Note: Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are in extended support until January 10, 2023. Windows 8 reached end of support on January 12, 2016."


Thank you for the answers!
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