DPM couldn't delete old Recovery Point

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Hi Concern,

I have DPM version 2012 R2 and configured Protection Group to backup Exchange Databases. It takes backup by followed protection group policy but didn't delete old Recovery point. I configured 5 days Retention period but I saw the last 6 months Backup stored in DPM and it couldn't delete old recovery point.

Can you advise me why DPM stored all old staff?

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

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@Babu007 For me it looks like the other backups were created before the policy was in place. My suggestion would be, if you do not need them anymore, to remove them manually and very your policy with the upcoming backups.

I hope that helps



Hi Rolf-42,

Thanks for replying. I had created the policy on the beginning of the DPM deployment.  So all backup has been performed under same policy.

Hello @Babu007
I have no DPM system to test it myself but maybe this script here is of any help: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/DPM-2012-R2-Remove-6167f338
Please be aware that the Technet Gallery will be retired. So I suggest to grab all the scripts regarding DPM from that author quickly.
I hope that helps


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