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Our company implement intune and used autopilot whiteglove to configure our employee's laptops, and there are several problems we faced recently and wondering is there any troubleshooting methods, any advice and feedback are welcome


1. Randomly Intune Failure on Security policy on Account setup. When autopilot whiteglove proceeded to security policy, sometimes it will stuck at identifying status and go failure eventually. It usually happened after several days when the first part of intune(before clicked reseal on green screen) was finished successfully

2. Windows activation issue. This issue started from last week when users finished intune autopilot and started to work in few days. It will fix by windows activation troubleshooting eventually but still make people crazy.



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As you are mentioning the reseal button I guess you mean Autopilot white glove. THis phase is all about the user targetted apps/settings that are going to be installed

If you want to read more about this whole process and how to maybe skip this phase

And the activation... it also depends on which license the user has, like iwth business premium you are up for an upgrade from pro to business. (pro licence has to be valid)

Hello @BestSumy


Troubleshooting autopilot involves a lot of steps.. here are a few to kick things off. Let me know if you require further help and I will happily assist you.


I recommend that you enable "Turn on log collection and diagnostics page for end users" in the ESP is you have not already done so. That makes it easier for you to troubleshoot autopilot.



1. White Glove could fail if the device does not support TPM-attestation and if TPM is already owned by for example Windows. Typically all devices from 2016 and above supports TPM-attestation.


Please make sure that your devices have TPM attestation and reset TPM in UEFI firmware. Run this in Powershell to get TPM-attestation status: 

Get-TpmSupportedFeature -FeatureList "Key Attestation"

Get-TpmSupportedFeature -FeatureList "Key Attestation"


See this blog post for tips on how to troubleshoot and gather autopilot and TPM-related logs. Windows Autopilot White Glove 0x801c0003 error (


2. Please run dsregcmd /status from a device with this error to see if you find any issues. Do you hybrid join your devices? If your users have a M365-license, please make sure that you do not run any startup/script or in any other way push a KMS activation.




@Rudy_Ooms_MVP Thanks for the info will take a look now

Thanks for the info will take a look now