Intune - App Configuration Policy - Applied to iOS Edge - Managed Devices - "Not Applicable"

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We have a group of managed devices where we are attempting to leverage an "App Configuration Policy" against the MS Edge browser. 


The intent would be to set a homepage and ideally "Kiosk" the browser so it could not browse outside the given URL... Deep within the URL would be required.

I have been trying to find substantial documentation with setup and proof of operation on a managed device without much luck.  I have utilized MS's support document:

App configuration policies for Microsoft Intune

Inside it suggests:

Selecting Managed apps as the Device Enrollment Type specifically refers to apps configured by Intune configuration policies on a device that is not enrolled in device management, whereas Managed devices applies to apps deployed through the MDM channel and thus are managed by Intune. Select the appropriate choice based on these descriptions.


We have enrolled/managed devices....  So I tried a managed device policy against iOS Edge.


The end result seen at my device policy does show under App Configuration Policy however it states:
"Not Applicable".

Can someone please help?  I have a ticket with MS Support as well its proving a challenge all around.
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@Tony Heslington 


According to Microsoft's documentation, you can only use the Managed App Configuration policy:

Edge for iOS and Android offers administrators the ability to customize the default configuration for several in-app settings. This capability is currently only offered when Edge for iOS and Android has an Intune App Protection Policy applied to the work or school account that is signed into the app and the policy settings are delivered only through a managed apps App Configuration Policy.

Source: Manage Edge for iOS and Android with Intune | Microsoft Docs


FWIW I was able to get the Managed Device policy to apply status states "Succeeded".


I can confirm both an the app configuration policy and app protection policy is applied to my user account.  

That I can tell the issue was either or both of the following.  The Edge installed on my iOS device may have been from the Apple store and not the VPP/Apple Business Manager version from Intune Comp Portal.   Or.  Edge was not added to the App protection policy.
(I think most like VPP\ABM based on status changing time frame.)

At this point however.... The policy appears not to be making any modifications to the browser settings. Working with MS support. Will advise.


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I had the same issue with edge and the managed app protection policy like i am describing in this blog

But what kind of settings are not working with the correct app protection applied?