Re-Enabling Lost Devices

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When I attempt to disable lost mode, the status is stuck on pending, and the device itself is still in lost mode. In order to troubleshoot this, I've connected the device to LTE via an activated SIM, which did not resolve the issue. I'm able to restore the devices, but I'd like to back up the data before I wipe them. I have a number of devices, iPhones and iPads, that I'm working on. Any ideas as to next steps?

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Hi Jonny,

I think it just timing thing or LTE issue, needs to be activated or something. I would connect to known WiFi if possible. Intune should be able to contact the device and disable Lost Mode. Here is great article to go over the process which probably its exactly how you doing it.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your input! I am able to enable and disable lost mode under normal circumstances, which is what your blog detailed. How would you go about connecting a device in lost mode to a known wifi? As far as I know, it is not possible. Furthermore, my terminated employees are from all over the country, and as such, if they ever ran a network reset, the known wifi networks may be thousands of miles away. As such, unfortunately, this feedback is not helpful for my particular issue. Nonetheless, I appreciate the response. @Moe_Kinani 

@Jonny_Palm Hi there I'm having a similar issue , what happens if you delete the device out of intune in the following scenario.


1) Enable Lost Mode

2) Disable Lost Mode (Pending) because phone cant connect to wifi / internet

3) Delete Device from Intune


I would assume a factory reset is required if the phone is deleted from intune


@GDS76 Did you ever solve this issue with lost device? I swapped SIM cards in the device with a working device, but it doesn't appear to be getting data. It has signal for cellular phone service, but I can't tell if it is connecting to data and I can't get it connected to a wifi connection.




Just resolved the same issue at one of our company iphones by replacing the sim with a sim without pin. After placing the sim without a pin the iphone was ready to use again in a few seconds.