Android Multi-App Kiosk. (Required apps not installing)

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I have an issue on my devices, I set Microsoft Teams as a required app for all devices (filter for corporate android devices) But It get's stuck, Saying installing for hours, nothing happens, this is for all apps I set as required except applications as Managed Home Screen , Authenticator, etc. But extra apps all have this issue.


If I manually press Cancel in Google Play store and the press install again, it installs instantly. But without me manually doing that the apps are stick at Installing.

Device install status in Intune.
The application failed to install, possibly because of insufficient storage or an unreliable network connection. The installation will be retried automatically. (0xC7D24FBA).


In Google Play you just see the app saying Installing. Now this is for all apps I add.

Running Android 11 Samsung tablet, managed dedicated multi app kiosk.



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Did you manage to fix the issue?