ErrorCode: -2147024809 using the Install-Language cmdlet for English (Canada)

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I'm hoping to get a definitive answer on the proper installation of Windows 11 22H2 for English (Canada). Primarily whether I should be using the English or Eng_Intl ISO as a starting point.


Using the following script, I have the two most important environment variables set as such:

$LPlanguage = "en-CA"

$inputlocale = "en-CA"


Here's the copy/paste of my previous attempts:


In my attempt to localize to English (Canada), I too was seeing a -2147024809 error on fresh install of the en-US Pro Retail ESD. It didn’t outright fail to install, rather the error stated it was only able to “partially install”.

Despite ChatGPT insisting that Canadians should use en-US as a base, I was able to avoid the error by installing the en-GB ESD.

My observation is that when using en-US as a base, the “Install-Language en-CA -CopyToSettings” command attempts to download an LXP, whereas if I start with en-GB, only an LP is downloaded.

For those not aware, the display language default for English (Canada) is actually English (United Kingdom):

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