Microsoft Teams Room for Intune

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Does anyone facing an issue deploying Win32 apps to a teams room (windows)? Below is my issue.


- Teams Room joined using DEM account.

- Teams Room only intune managed

- Teams Room shows compliant.

- Win32 app install on system context and targetted on dynamic device group.


When i push win32 app on the device, it wont install unless i logged in as an azure AD account. (In my testing its DEM account. It will only be on "Waiting for install status" forever. Out of the 72 machine ive joined to intune, only one works. I couldnt see any difference on the configuration and it was enrolled the same way. I have opened a MS case about this and they couldnt figure it out as well. IME logs doesnt show any attempt to install the app.

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Hi @same870 - you mentioned you have a case open with MS - did they ever come back with an answer? We are having the same issue.