Sync your device with Intune issue, mac, not compliant

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Some users face issue that their mac is not compliant. When checking status on Company portal it states:

There was an error while checking your status. Your status may not be up to date. Try checking again. 


As far as I see it is not related to specific macOS version and is just for some 5% of all users.


When clicking on learn more it states Sync your device with Intune and the last checked: months ago  


What I have noticed these users got the same problem that the Built in device compliance policy shows them as Is active = Not compliant


Status in Intune troubleshoot & support for the device:



Other than that I do not see any issues. Maybe someone knows what might be the case here?


Thank you

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Were you able to get this resolved? I'm getting the exact same thing.

@Viesturs Looks like you have a custom policy assigned as well. What is the compliance status against that?


Hey, so far not really. I got in conversation with MS Support as well and the only thing they can advise is to reenroll, so to wipe it and fresh setup. If that is not the way, you can setup new mac using users credentials and migrate with migration assistant. That will fix it but it needs latest macos 13.1 on both to work best. Haven't found other solutions though for this issue with mac corporate devices. I am still testing but so far to not lose any data migration is the best option what I have tried. If you got some news can let me know.

Other policies are fine, it is just the not active state. I am not sure what causes that as macs are used constantly. Maybe the fact that company portal is not open and signed in with users credentials. But others do not use it too and have no issue

Anyways, I have noticed some things that have fixed it now. For example keeping company portal open on the mac, Checking the status occasionally, trying to Install some app from it, cause when it does, it syncs with Intune (Have noticed on compliant devices). Upgrade macOS. So by doing these somehow it was compliant again cause did sync, I believe after the macOS update it became compliant

Hi @Viesturs ;

Not sure if your issue still persists. However, wanted to check how you are deploying/pushing Comp portal app to your macOS devices? And is the compliance policy assigned to user grp?




Hi Somesh

Comp Portal is installed after device has been setup/enrolled by user so it is automated and is one of the apps that will get installed after. It is setup in Intune to specifc group same as compliance policies. It is assigned to security group. So pretty much all, policies assigned, apps installed, profiles are after the enrollment of mac based on groups.
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