legacy intune portal update windows 10 machines to 1709

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We are still using legacy intune portal (Intune software client) installed on 70+ machines.
We want to migrate all machines to Intune Azure, but need to uinstall the software client using command and push out script to all client since the old intune portal is broken and we cannot use retire/wipe.

Before we retire them we want to push out 1709 so we can use hybrid ad join and automatic intune enrollment. Is it possible to push out win10 1709/1803 through the old intune portal? we have machines that are still on 1511, 1607, 1703..

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Hi William,

Unfortunately not as confirmed by Microsoft here


You will need to re-enroll the users in Intune in Azure before performing the upgrade which is supported in that environment.

Hope that clarifies,

Best, Chris