Android Apps not showing up on Tablet

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We added apps from the Andoid Play store, assigned them to All Employee and All devices, then added the Company portal to a Samsung tablet. The apps are not showing up on the device and there are no errors in the Troubleshooting pane. How can I troubleshoot?

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Hi Dean,

Thanks for raising. A few things to ask

- Do the apps show within the company portal itself on the device?

- With Intune there are Android apps and Android for Work apps. Have you tried both of these? For example Samsung Knox is Android for Work apps. Android for Work apps can be added through Intune from the gallery but standard Android apps I think you have to manually add them and link them to the google play store.

Best, Chris

no, they don't show at all

Ok. Did you see the point on the Android and Android for Work apps. Have you tried this on both for the device. Sometimes it is not always clear which one is applicable to the Android device.

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The device has Samsung Knox, we followed the instructions at


Ok great, have you tried setting the Android for Work apps as required apps in Intune per the following article

Best, Chris

yes, we did that also.

We just got a notification to install an app on the tablet, and after doing that it shows up on the home screen but not in the Company Portal app, which is what we were expecting


In Intune we have one app as "Android Store App" and one as "Managed Google Play app", can you explain the difference in English? i'm totally confused by the lingo

Hi Dean,

Thanks for that

Had a look into it further: here is an organisation with exactly the same issue whose solution was to select Allow Android for Work in the Work profile then re-enroll the device.

These are the two guides I usually use to enroll Android. If the above doesn’t work I would try again using these guides.

In plain English to the question above, Android store app usually refers to just Android not Android for Work/Enterprise. Managed Google Play app should be the one you need that’s linked to your Google Play account.

Let me know how you get on.

Best, Chris


Target the deployment to either All Device or All Users.

Thanks we assigned the apps to All Employees. The instructions at state that we can only assign apps to users. Is there some way to actually assign them to devices?


Do we need to use an AAD group that we created instead of the default All Employees?



You can create Dynamic AAD group for devices/Users and assign the application.