iOS Update Installation Failure - Status -2016330697


Dear Forum Members,

I have an iPad configured in Kiosk mode and locked in with single app Edge browser. I also configured an iOS update policy to update the iOS from 12.4.6 to 13.0.0. I didn't work and received an installation failure status -2016330697 (It is a minus sign, not a hyphen). The error is from Intune - Software Updates - Installation failures for iOS devices.


Can anyone tell me what is this error mean and direct me where to troubleshoot next?

Thank you all so much!

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HI @wangjueliang 


Where do you this error? Does the iPad have the space to upgrade or enough charge? I think it needs to be at least 80 percent. 




Thanks @Moe_Kinani.

I do not know but as the iPad doesn't display anything while in the kiosk mode.

After I check back the Intune in a while, it shows me the error. I didn't time it.

I will do it again and make sure the battery level. The storage is fine. I just wondered what that error actually mean.

Did you figure this out, seeign the same on many of our iPads...



We do not have this problem anymore. Intune deploying managed iOS updates has always been working for us for over two years now.


Sometimes we still see the same error code but that doesn't mean much. It could be caused by certain iOS versions too. For example, recently we couldn't update to 14.8 no matter what we try. But it updated smoothly to 15.3.1


As long as you make sure of the following, you should be fine.

  1. iPad is plugged into the power
  2. iPad is connected to Wi-Fi
  3. iPad is not locked in kiosk mode and not running any app, basically, the screen needs to be off.
  4. Give it enough of the time, I'd day at least 2-3 sync cycles. Usually, I update them over the weekend to make sure I have at least 24-36h.