General Intune Hybrid Problem

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Hello, we are using Intune as Hybrid Installation, to have all Assets in one Platform (SCCM). We are Using the Service Manager too and we have made a Connector to import all SCCM Mobile Data in our CMDB. There are some Problems I´d like to diskuss here. In the Data Fields of our Apple Hardware there is a Mac Adress standing in the "Hardware ID" Adress Field, there are the Android and Windows Phone Hardware Assets there is no Mac Adress available in no fileld. Are any known possibilities to normalise these listings, and is it possible to get the Mac Adress from the Android Hardware. On both we use the Company Portal Client, I think the Client must be able to get this Data, or not ?

We want to get a Microsoft Specialist who can give us some help, if you know someone who speaks german and has experience with SCCM, SCSM and intune all together. We are Microsoft Enterprise Customer with 4000 PC´s and 6000 Users.  Many thanks to everyone who wants to help.


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I understand your problem - If you have not seen it yet MDM hybrid is a deprecated feature, and you need to think of migrating to stand alone and get your data from there.