intune 'web link' requires install or widget?


Company wants to be able to provide/push links to common resources, i.e. time sheets, etc. on intune enabled devices. On IOs it requires 'install' which creates a shortcut basically on the home screen. On android it requires 'install' and enabling of a company widget on the home screen.  
We are working on extensively *BYOD*, so requiring too many home screen changes seems uncomfortable.

The IOs shortcut is vaugly acceptable. May just require some user training. 
All we want is basically a clickable link in the intune or company portal app to launch a browser (app not even company managed)

will functionality like that come down the line? it seems cumbersome to 'require' install of what basically is not an extra app.

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Hi Phillip,


I don't know if this is on the roadmap currently, but maybe you can provide a kind of jump list website and then point your managed browser (BYOD, MAM controlled or not) to this website as start page or just in the favorites. This would bring a kind of easy distribution for these kind of links (just edit the website) and it could be rolled out with minimal user training. Just train them to use the manged Intune browser to get to their apps/websites. I know this is a scenario for websites mainly but maybe it's a way to go for you.




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I found an issue that web-links actually hard to manage and we just decided to get rid of them and to have Bookmarks created in Managed Browser instead, so all users will have required links in one place. + Managed Browser can have MAM capabilities