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enroll automatic Android device to intune with the only professional profil




we are implementing intune, and we want to enroll Android automatically in intune, knowing that we do not want company-related devices to be divided into two profiles: personal, professional



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Hi Zied,

You either go Corporate-owned fully managed, The look and feel is similar to a device which hasn’t been enrolled. The big difference is the centrally managed applications, restrictions and policies.

Device Administrator Model: It’s disable by default, you need to enable then create Restriction Policy to Block Android Enterprise enrollment for those users.

Hope this helps!

@Moe_Kinani what can i do to enrol automatically the android device ? 

Hi Zeid,

For Corporate-owned fully managed, Create Dynsmic Group and Allow users to use enrollment token, explained in article above.
For Device Administrator Model, user needs to enroll using Company Portal.