Add multiple devices to an existing device group in MEM

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Other than adding each of them manually - Is there a way I can add multiple devices to an existing group in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)? 

Looking for a PowerShell script or something.




2 Replies can bulk import members via .csv files. This is the syntax example:

Column A
1 version:v1.0
2 Member object ID or user principal name [memberObjectIdOrUpn] Required
3 Example: 9832aad8-e4fe-496b-a604-95c6eF01ae75

So far I just imported members to an empty group, I'm not sure what happens to already existing members, but I would expect that the new members from the .csv will not delete them.
I once had a similar task. You can use this code:

Make sure to enter the Object-Id of Target-Device-Group.