Change from iOS Public Store apps to VPP apps

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Hi All


Does anyone have experience of changing from iOS Public Store apps to VPP apps on either "in use" or enrolled devices or BYOD devices that may already have Public Store app(s) installed such as Outlook for example?


My thinking is:


  • Set Public Store app to Uninstall
  • Set VPP app to install (Required / Available)

Is this method valid or would it send the device in an app install / uninstall loop?


Any other methods?

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@Stuart King  You may not need to set the Public Store app to uninstall if you will be overtaking it with a VPP copy; removing the assignment may be sufficient. Are your iOS/iPadOS devices Supervised?


There is also a Microsoft Roadmap feature that might help with this:

Microsoft Intune management of user-installed apps on iOS



Oh excellent. What about just deleting the iOS Public Store Apps from the portal? Any negative effects?


Thanks very much on the Road Map link. I really should look at this more often!!!



@Stuart King - did you ever get a reply to this query?

I have a similar situation & was wondering the same as yourself.

Regards, Andrew.