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Kindly need to know if we can block screenshots on android mobile devices on personal profile.

It worked to block it on work profile





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Hi Elie, That depends on the enrolment type. If you're deploying personally owned with work profile (BYOD), you will not be able to block screenshots on the personal profile. If you're using corporate owned, personally enabled(COPE), you have full control over the device. In that case you're able to block screenshots in the personal profile. Which risk are you trying to mitigate with blocking screenshots on the personal profile if I may ask? Regards, Ruud
Thank you for your help the client is asking to test but he is trying to make the data secured on personal devices.
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No problem, happy to help.
You will be using the personally work profile in this case. Microsoft has documented how the work profile works and what can be managed here:

I hope this helps in your conversation with the client.
Thanks for the information